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A bitter row about executive pay is about something bigger
The Economist  –  Feb 11th 2012 | from the print edition

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TWICE during the 1970s, a stroppy decade, leftish British politicians tried to turn the monarchy into a nationalised industry. There were plans to place Queen Elizabeth II and a few close relatives on state salaries and sack the rest of her family, and—a few years later—for a Department for Royal Affairs, bringing the crown under Whitehall’s management. Both attempts were resisted. Since then, royal aides have cannily worked to secure autonomy and arms-length financing from government. Just now, the mood behind palace walls must be giddy relief.
The queen has rarely been as popular as she is now, in her Diamond Jubilee year. The contrast with other arms of the establishment is striking, and revealing. For most people at the top of the public sector, this is a perilous time.
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